newbie1990: xkcd. character saying 'pretty sure I stopped growing up in my teens and have been faking ever since.' on an elevator. (misc. growing up is fixable.)
2012-06-12 02:57 am
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i'll stand as still as you need

...Oh man, forgot this existed. Also lollll icons, remember when River and Amy were in love rather than mother and daughter? I MISS THOSE DAYS ugh hugging by proxy. I think this icon is disturbingly accurate because man 'backup theology', 'believing in anything', 'believing in everything', 'the prettiest clothes'? OH HEY ME NICE TO SEE YOU AGAIN.

I'm less social justice-y now though. Not that I don't believe in it, I just don't really keep up to date. Idk if I'm educating myself at all.
newbie1990: xkcd. character saying 'pretty sure I stopped growing up in my teens and have been faking ever since.' on an elevator. (misc. growing up is fixable.)
2010-07-17 01:46 am
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The title is not a lie.

(Because every journal needs an entry.)

Also, three things that have annoyed me:

1. The IT Crowd: I should've known better ever since the episode of MASSIVE TRANSPHOBIC FAIL (basically, the guy found out his partner was trans ('I'm a man', was the way the show chose to put it, yeah, WAY TO BE FACTUAL AND NON-DICKHEADED, GUYS), they got into one of those 'comedy Matrix-aping fights' (according to commentors she threw the first punch, but after initially refusing to fight, his first move was to throw her through a window(?!)), and she was left for dead.) YEAH, I KNOW.

But I thought 'that was in the past! Surely they might have changed! Given that the episode aired some time ago, and I only remembered it in passing, forgetting the fight scene entirely - the first time I saw it, I was initially charmed by the relationship, thought she was alive after the fight (I can't remember much of my thoughts on the fight, I think they were 'ugh comedy Matrix fights are the dullest'), and unaware of exactly how shitty what they did was because I was an uneducated idiot.

Anyway. turns out I was WRONG, SO SO WRONG for giving it another chance. The entire sub-plot (main plot?) of last week's episode was dedicated to the oh-so-lulsome subject of, guess what? SEXUAL ASSAULT. I know, you're rolling in the aisles at the thought.

Perhaps it was supposed to be funny because the assault was male-on-male. Perhaps it was because it came in the form of a kiss on the buttocks during a massage. Perhaps neither of these things make it funny at fucking all.

Either way, somehow this was presented as THE MOST HILARIOUS THING IN THE WORLD? For no reason other than it was a kiss on the buttocks? Seriously, literally no other reason. The joke inherent is puerile at best, the kind of humour you could find on any playground, except with the added insidiousness of making the joke about sexual assault.

If you had to have such an idiotic joke, why not make it so that Roy has a girlfriend who insists on doing that, and Roy has a problem with it but can't bring himself to tell her? And replace the court scene with group therapy involving the cult who are, idk, anti whatever job his girlfriend has or anti-foreplay instead of anti-masseuses (the man who assaulted Roy was a masseuse), as they were in the show? And that's something I haven't even thought about, that I came up with in a few seconds, as somehow whose only experience with comedy is writing fics for Scrubs and Top Gear. TRY FUCKING HARDER, IT CROWD.

AND THE COURT SCENE, OH MY FUCKING RAGE. It went exactly as a court scene would normally go, complete with 'show me on the diagram where he kissed you', and Roy saying he had nightmares, was constantly washing and no longer trusted masseuses, all the while with obnoxious laughter overlayed. HOW IS THAT FUNNY, IN ANY CONTEXT? How is the suffering of another human being hilarious?

And Moss and the cult members were treated as bizarre for not finding the sexual assault of another human being (and close friend, in the case of Moss) hilarious? And after Roy was coaxed, feeling embarrassed and ashamed, to tell Jen about the incident, she laughed in his face. Fffff so on top of this mountain of shit, you are placing the boil!cherry of butchering characters and relationships I like?


Uuuuugh, this and the massive transfail and the fact that it is SO MUCH LESS FUNNY than it used to be means I am now watching the IT Crowd partly for checking how offensive it will be this week. WELL DONE, GUYS. VERY WELL FUCKING DONE.

2. On Shooting Stars, after pointing out that they were Vikings, Ulrika Jonsson - 'we're going out raping later'. (The other guest moved the chair away from her. There was also some thing with the male guest and this statement, but i can't remember whether he was implying being raped by an attractive woman is awesometimes (EW NO, this myth must die. There was a question on Yahoo Answers about wanting to be raped, and replies included 'yes I would like Edward Cullen to rape me' and 'I would be okay with a hot chick raping me' NO YOU WOULD NOT LIKE EITHER OF THESE THINGS THE POINT OF RAPE IS YOU DO NOT WANT IT TO HAPPEN (although obviously arousal =/= wanting it to happen, bodily functions not indicating mental state).) or that he was down with being a rapist.)

3. AND FINALLY, Russell Howard on Mock the Week (more like Crappier by the Week, ugh) on 'Worst Things To Hear On A First Date' - 'last time I was in this club, I was a man', which even leaving aside 'I was a man' and the fact that most trans women would not refer to themselves as ever 'being a man', but more likely 'presenting as a man', and the idea that only transition counts as the way to be socially accepted as a woman or a man, that's the kind of dull, uninspired cliché anyy common or garden bigot could come up with. YOU'RE A COMEDIAN, YOUR JOB IS TO BE CREATIVE AND COME UP WITH NEW IDEAS.

This is precisely why bigoted, supposedly 'edgy' jokes will never actually be edgy, as all they do is support the shitty mainstream views held by shitheads.