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Birthdate:May 27
Location:United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland
This is my Real Journal. This, however, is my 'commenting on dreamwidth' journal. HOORAY.

I like to think I am mostly right about ALL THE THINGS. However, I am also often a douchebag (I would list examples, but then you would hate me and I would cry) and sometimes phrase things poorly, ergo I should note that calling me out is encouraged, because how else will I learn (not that you are obligated to do so if you feel uncomfortable doing so. My douchiness is my responsibility, and I am learning)?

Calling me out applies to general douchebaggery as well as ableism/trans* hatred/racism/sexism/fat hatred/class bigotry/gsm (gender sexual minority) hatred/hatred of people from other countries/religion and lack of hatred etc.

Possibily I will post things on here that I do not post on my journal, but that is because I enjoy being irritating.

Interests (70):

angels in america, arrested development, awesome things, backup theology, being awesome, being equal-opportunities humourless, being overemotional, being right, being underemotional, believing in anything, believing in everything, books, c.s. lewis, christianity, clementine, closer, crying, dawson's creek, doctor who, editors, elsewhere, fairy tales, florence and the machine, food, ghost train, glee (sort of), god, harry potter, how i live now, intersectionality, laughing, legend of the seeker, listening to music, magic, making collages, merlin (ish), misfits, mythology, not death jokes, offensive jokes are lazy, ot3s, ot4s, ot5s, placebo, poetry, reading, rpf, rps, sports night, stars, staying up late, the big bang theory, the chronicles of brothers, the chronicles of narnia, the fall of lucifer, the great divorce, the internet, the lovely bones, the mentalist, the national, the prettiest clothes, the thirteenth tale, the vampire diaries, thinking, till we have faces, twilight (minus bella/edward), watching tv, writing, writing fanfiction, ~edginess~ is boring
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